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Multi-language classroom

1. What type of training does Reliable do?

We train people for operating proficiency...

...and safety knowledge of Aerial Lifts, Forklift Machines and Fall Protection Equipment.

Multi-language classroom

2. Who needs this type of training?

In British Columbia, every worker...

...operating an aerial lift, forklift device or working with a fall risk must undergo training for certification.

Multi-language classroom

3. Will trainees receive a practical test
as well as theory provided by your course?

Yes, we follow our classroom/theory sessions with...

... practical tests carried out by one of our qualified instructors experienced in inspection, operation, and application of aerial platforms and fall protection systems. Recognition and avoidance of hazards associated with the operation is also our training priority for the continued safety of all site workers.

Multi-language classroom

4. How often must operators be retrained in Fall Protection, Aerial Lift and Forklift operation
and safety?

Although there are no regulated specific time frame guidelines...

...a periodic reminder of safety practices is a wise precaution for due diligence. Based on industry research Reliable Training Services recommends that Forklift trainees be recertified every two years and Aerial Lift and Fall Protection certification be repeated at three year intervals.

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5. What records need to be retained for
Aerial Lift, Fall Protection and Forklift training?

Employers are required to retain written records...

...of employee education to ensure proof of compliance with regulations. Reliable Training provides a certification card upon successful completion of our training programs and maintains individual trainee records to prove due diligence.

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6. What are some of the names the
machines are often called at the work site?

Boom Lifts, Scissor Lifts, Articulated Boom Lifts...

...Aerial Work Platforms, Lift Trucks, Forklifts, Zoom Booms and Genie Lifts

If you have any further questions about the Reliable Training Services’ Aerial Lift, Fall Protection or Forklift training courses, please give us a call at (604) 232-7933.