Meets or exceed all of the legislated requirements and CSA standards for training.

Reliable Training Services is here to help employers and employees meet and exceed the legislated training requirements by Worksafe BC, follow CSA Standards for training and industry recommended best practices.

Our courses are flexible, can be combined and adapted to meet your specific needs economically and with consideration for the time pressures common in today’s fast paced world. In many cases we can have you trained, certified and back to work on the same day.

Our NEW indoor facility is CLIMATE CONTROLLED - taking weather right out of the equation and as we have a multitude of skilled trainers, last minute bookings are welcomed!

Why Should You Train
with Reliable Training?

Speed, flexibility and cost efficiency. Train and be back to work on the same day, minimizing lost wages and productivity. We can also conduct training at our facility, at your business or work site.

We are accredited safety trainers and safety professionals with decades of experience from multiple industries and disciplines. Our main goal is help you gain the skills you need to keep you safely returning home to your loved ones everyday, while being legal and marketable in the work place. We also help to open doors to new jobs and new opportunities.

Reliable FIRST AID Training Services

Reliable First Aid Traing Services Training

Reliable Training offers First Aid courses from 4 hours - 2 days in length. Course prices begin at $90.00 for WEFA (OFA1 Equivalent). Red Cross all levels and CPR & AED are also available. Weekend bookings for all of our courses are available, too! Call us for more details.

Multi-language classroom

Now Offering Courses In:

Punjabi, Hindi, French, Arabic and Spanish

We have trainers who are fluent in the above languages and we welcome groups who wish to have their training imparted to them in their language and in a private group setting.

Training in other languages is also possible with the use of an interpreter. Call us for more details.

Proudly Canadian Established 1990

Questions about Reliable Training Certification Services?

We train people for operating proficiency and safety knowledge of Aerial Lifts, Forklift Machines and Fall Protection Equipment. Check our FAQs for information on the solution that serves your needs best.