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Fall Protection Training

Get fall protection certified, ensure compliance, and prioritize safety for your team with the guidance of our experts at Reliable Training Services!

If your work involves heights, you understand the criticality of proper training to guarantee on-the-job security. Our team of trainers deliver comprehensive Fall Protection Training, certified throughout BC. This hands-on and dynamic course is thoughtfully designed to facilitate easy comprehension for all participants.

This Fall Protection certification has been developed to comply with CSA standards and WorkSafeBC’s OHS Regulations, Part 11— Fall Protection. Participants will receive a wallet card valid for 3 years, indicating that they have met the training requirements mandated by the province of British Columbia. We also strongly recommend an annual Fall Protection Training review to ensure maximum safety within your organization.

Our Fall Protection course covers:

  • Fall protection requirements & regulations
  • Responsibilities of employer & employee
  • The Fall Protection Hierarchy (fall protection systems)
  • Fall arrest vs. fall restraint
  • Intro to common fall protection equipment
  • Equipment inspection
  • Fall protection plans
  • Fall protection plan development
  • Hazard assessment
  • Basic rescue techniques
  • Suspension trauma & relief methods
Course Fee: $125

Location: All trainings are available either at your location or at our climate-controlled indoor warehouse in Richmond.

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fall protection training
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Asked Questions

Who needs to take Fall Protection Training in BC?

Reliable Equipment Rentals understands the importance of adhering to the OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) Regulation. This regulation mandates the use of fall protection systems for workers who face the risk of falling from a height of 3 m (10 ft.) or more, or where even a fall from a lesser height could result in serious injury. If you are involved in construction, heavy industry, emergency response, or safety management, and your work involves performing tasks at these heights, it is imperative that you receive proper Fall Protection Training. Take the necessary steps to ensure your safety and comply with the OHS Regulation.

Does a Fall Protection Certificate expire in BC?

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will receive a wallet card, valid for 3 years, indicating that they have met the training requirements mandated in the province of British Columbia. Participants are required to get re-certified before the 3-year expiration date on their card.

Annual review of this training is strongly recommended and participants are welcome to come back and practice as much as they need to feel comfortable at no additional charge – please call us for more details.

Do I need to be trained to use a fall protection harness in BC?

Absolutely—yes. In BC, it is not only highly recommended but also a legal requirement to receive proper instruction on wearing a fall protection harness and securing it to a structured anchor point. As per WorkSafe BC Regulations, before entering an area where there is a risk of falling, employers must ensure that workers are educated on the fall protection system specific to that area and the necessary procedures to be followed.

Do companies need to keep records of who has completed Fall Protection Training?
Employers are required to retain written records of employee education to ensure proof of compliance with regulations. Reliable Training provides a certification card upon successful completion of our training programs and maintains individual trainee records to prove due diligence.
What is the maximum height you can work at in BC before needing Fall Protection Training?
According to the OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) Regulation, workers need Fall Protection Training when working from a height of 3 meters (10 ft.) or more, or when a fall from a lesser height could result in serious injury.
How long does it take to get Fall Protection Certified in BC?

A Fall Protection Certificate can be obtained in as little as 1 day with our comprehensive Fall Protection Training course. Come to our warehouse for the training, or host the training at your own facility—it is up to you.

Do you offer off-site training for Fall Protection?

Absolutely. If your organization has a suitable facility and would prefer to hold your Fall Protection Training at your location for a group of your employees, we will gladly organize this for you!